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VanDyke Design Custom Cabinets was established in 2017.

It got started by me, Zach VanDyke. I have over ten years of experience in this field. My father had his own cabinet shop in Richfield, UT. My father's passion, his mindset, the way he would pay attention to every detail, was evident through his work as well as through the satisfaction of his customers. This made me want to follow his footsteps and find my own passion; My love for cabinetry. 

 After working with my dad and then working in other shops throughout the years, I finally got tired of the same old routine of a manufacture shop with lower quality that never seemed fair to provide when there's so much more function and design possible with a more fair price. 

While working for other businesses and not being able to grow and build the quality my father had taught me and offered for so many years, I knew that I wanted to bring the passion, the love, and the quality back into the cabinet industry. 

Homeowners should get their dream home and I want to help you with that. I customize and design things to create what you envision, meeting your every want and need. 


Our business mission is to Envision, Design, Inspire, Create.  

We are quality custom cabinets and we can help you make your dream a reality. 


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